Program Goals

Occupational Training

Through occupational training, we offer members opportunities to learn technical skills and gain occupational experience. At the end of the program, members are well-equipped to compete on the job market.

Leadership Development

Our education is centered on leadership development. By promoting cross-cultural leadership, we develop confident leaders with ability to appreciate, respect, and operate in culturally diverse landscapes.

Career & College Readiness

Baked into the core of our programs is preparation for the future. Whether our members want to move into the workspace or continue their studies, we help them prepare for what is ahead.

Community Engagement

EntreNous works collectively to engage our youth in transforming the conditions for themselves, their families, and their community through:

Social Justice Curriculum

Through our educational partnership with YouthBuild Charter School of California, we work to provide an interdisciplinary curriculum that addresses the social , political, economic and cultural issues that exist within our community.

Culturally Relevant

We work collectively to create a critical, engaging, transformative academic space where young people can work on attaining an education that is relevant to their lived experience in a manner that is conducive to creating leaders in the community.

Civic Engagement

Our young leaders engage in community events that work on addressing issues that are relevant to the conditions in which they live. Through participatory action, our young leaders intend in developing lasting working relations to transform themselves and their community.

Program Offerings

Through our educational partnership with YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC), we offer occupational training and the ability to obtain a High School Diploma. All aspects of our offerings encompasses community advocacy, leadership development, career training, and counseling.

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Project HEARTS

Occupational Training Learn More

Occupational Training

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High School Diploma

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Support and Resources

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Beyond the Academic

A Holistic Approach

We believe that education should be all encompassing and mentorship plays a big role in educational, occupational, and overall life success. At Compton and Whittier YouthBuild, no one stands alone. We put great care into building strong relationships between members, staff, and the community at large.

Beyond the Academic

Beyond the Academic Our program strives to provide students the opportunity to participate in activities outside of the classroom that…

Beyond the Academic Learn More

Support and Resources

Support and Resources All members and alumni receive supportive services at our program locations to mitigate barrier to their success.…