All members and alumni receive supportive services at our program locations to mitigate barrier to their success. We believe in staying connected with our young people throughout their journey by providing support as they need it to succeed in spite of facing obstacles along the way.

Services Include:

Workforce services

  • Career Interests
  • Labor Market Information
  • Skills Gap Assessments
  • Customer Service in Excellence Training
  • Job Placement Services
  • Resume Development
  • Clothes for Interviews
  • Soft skills training in
    • Leadership
    • Teamwork
    • Communication
    • Problem Solving
    • Work Ethic
    • Flexibility/Adaptability
    • Interpersonal
    • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

College and Career Services

  • Tours
  • Scholarships
  • Application and FAFSA assistance
  • Internship/Externships
  • Job Shadows

Case Management Services

  • Child care referrals
  • Housing Referrals
  • Substance Abuse referrals
  • Food and Shelter referrals
  • Counseling with Life Coaches

Transportation Assistance

  • Bus passes/tokens
  • Gas cards

Anger Management Counseling

Academic Tutoring

Emergency supportive services