As part of EQ’s nationwide partnership with YouthBuild USA, our EQ Impact team united a team to extensively renovate Compton YouthBuild’s job training center, creating a space that better reflects the exciting potential of the opportunity youth that Compton YouthBuild serves. In addition to the opportunities the center will continue to provide, the project itself included a job training and mentoring component for students to gain firsthand experience.

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Eric Becker is an Emmy Award-winning director based in Seattle. His work seeks to create an emotional connection between the viewer and subject through intimate, authentic portraiture and storytelling.

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Micro-Documentary | EQ Impact & Compton YouthBuild from EQ Office on Vimeo.

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As part of EQ’s mission to build up our local communities, we teamed up with YouthBuild, a Compton-based organization focused on arming young adults with the skills and guidance needed to achieve sustainable, fulfilling careers outside of the traditional college trajectory. Our goal was to reimagine their Compton home-base to match the aspirational drive of the young adults who move through their apprenticeship program. The final result is a place that will enrich and inspire the next generation of talent for years to come.