Beyond the Academic

Beyond the Academic
Our program strives to provide students the opportunity to participate in activities outside of the classroom that broaden their understanding of their communities, the world, and of themselves.


  • Art – Students explore different types of art forms and are allowed to express their creative sides.
  • Technology Fundamentals – Students learn how to harness the power of technology while working towards an industry recognized credential.
  • Youth Policy Council – Student voice is infused in all aspect of the organization empowering them to create the environment they want to be in.

Conferences, Trips and Events

  • STEAM Fair – School wide event to showcase STEM based classroom projects.
  • Pepperdine Summer Undergraduate Research in Biology (SURB) – Students were able to learn about and participate in different research projects undergraduate students were working on at Pepperdine University
  • UCLA LGBTQ Health Conference – Student led conference focused on the experiences and representation of the LGBTQ community in the health fields.
  • Long Beach Aquarium Visit
  • Big Pine Leadership Retreat – Retreat where students are able to explore and grow their leadership skills
  • Environmental Stewards Program – Program that supports students interest in environmental preservation

Student Testimonials

“For once in a long time I felt at peace and safe, not being judged for who I am and how I dress, or for who I love”

— Selena Garcia, Current Student. Reflection on participating in the UCLA LGBTQ Health Conference