Reports To:Manager | Violence Interruption

Salary Range:$53,000 - $60,000 (FTE)

Site:$53,000 - $60,000 (FTE)

FLSA Status:Non-Exempt

Job Code:210502

Schedule: Hourly and on call

About The Organization: EntreNous’ mission is to deliver programs, resources and services to foster resilient and self-sustaining young people. Our purpose is to offer an integrated, human development approach to high-quality workforce and leadership development programs, education, resources, and services. Through the creation of an inclusive, equitable, and nurturing environment, we provide culturally relevant and rigorous instruction. The goal is to improve financial sustainability for youth and families in economically-distressed communities. 

About Our Programs: EntreNous serves young people primarily ages 16-24 who have been pushed or have dropped out of traditional education. Through a variety of services, program members developed needed skills to create sustainable wage positions for themselves, primarily in Construction | Building Trades and Hospitality | Culinary Arts. Areas of focus include: Career Development, Counseling, Civic Engagement | Leadership, Education (Accredited High School Diploma), and Workforce Development (Construction | Culinary). We are a full-time, project- based program focused on social justice and restorative practices that allows young people to develop skills needed to rebuild their communities and their lives. 

About The Position: EntreNous Youth Empowerment Services seeks to hire a full–time Case Manager, Violence Interruption (Grant Funded:State of California – Board of State and Community Corrections – BSSC) to provide services, resources and training to the Compton Survival Initiative: Safety, Transformation Outreach Peace (CSI:STOP). Under the direct supervision of the Manager of Violence Interruption works to support the efforts to fulfill the goals and objectives of various grant funded programs by assisting in designing plans and operations according to contract and budget guidelines. This includes assistance in overseeing resources, coordinating the efforts of community partners and conducting ongoing outreach to serve participants and leverage EntreNous and community assets. 

Essential Functions 

  • Support the Peace Building Team by providing crisis management and harm reduction strategies
  • Use evidence-informed and evidence-based care management strategies including crisis management, motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral interventions
  • Provide case management services, consulting regularly with the Manager | Violence Interruption to maintain the highest standard of services
  • Conduct face-to-face and/or virtual intake assessments, develop individualized care plans and acquire appropriate consent for enrollment
  • Evaluate interests, strengths, needs, goals, physical and mental health, home environment, educational context, protective factors and any relevant case requirements
  • Connect participants to Specialized Systems of Care
  • Maintain case management files per agency and grant protocols
  • Collect and report on data required for funders and internal agency use
  • Assist in the writing of monthly/quarterly reports
  • Foster relationships with community partners who can provide support and services to
  • Participate in EntreNous community, administrative, funding activities
  • Other duties as assigned
    To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
  • College degree required in a related field (criminal justice, psychology, social work, etc.)
  • Previous experience in a nonprofit setting preferred
  • Experience working with justice system involved at–promise young people ages 14–24+
    from low–income, diverse cultural backgrounds
  • 3 years FT paid work experience in an organizational setting related to youth
    development (TAY, at risk youth, system impacted youth/adults) – teaching, counseling,
    case management or youth service, healthy relationships, required
  • Possess strong critical thinking skills and ability to handle crisis/emergency situations
  • Ability to prioritize responsibilities and organize thoughts
  • Knowledge of geographical area of service
  • Street Gang knowledge and strategies
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Suite, etc.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills with demonstrated ability to effectively
    communicate with participants, staff, management, and community partners
  • Critical knowledge base of social and economic conditions facing our communities
  • Sincere desire to assist young people to succeed, develop self–confidence and effective
    leadership skills; familiarity with various challenges and issues faced by youth from
    low–income communities
  • Must be motivated to learn, a self-starter, trainable, and an excellent role model
  • CA Driver’s License, reliable transportation, adequate insurance, and good driving record
    required (DMV printout); Pass Criminal Background Check; CPR/First Aid Certified
    (preferred), CA Mandated Reporter (preferred)
  • TB Test (last 4 years)
  • Covid vaccination records

  • In the first week, expect to:
  • Onboard and integrate into EntreNous Youth Empowerment Services
  • Meet the team, attend meetings, observe the organization, and learn the mission, vision
    and values
  • Familiarize yourself with internal processes and tools

    In the first month, expect to:
  • Spend time with the organization’s executive directors and team members to understand priorities and culture of the organization including philosophy and YouthBuild model 
  • Review all grant documents and build relationships with existing and new partners for service delivery
  • Move into a deeper understanding of the role within of the Violence Prevention Department and greater organization
  • Begin to understand the data collection, Electronic Records and documentation systems

In the first three months, expect to:

Have a solid understanding of the role, the program and the delivery of services

Participate in strategic organizational planning and continuous quality improvement

Attend and participate in a new participant interview and selection process

Manage team in new candidate intake interviews and needs assessment

In the first six months, expect to:

Share ideas for new program elements

Refine and innovate existing programs

Begin setting personal and program goals

Program manager interview questions Initial Interview 

Keeping in mind the information that I have just provided and the information included on the job description for this position, please describe your experience, education and background and indicate how they have prepared you for this position. 

Describe specifically, your experience working with programs that serve out of school young adults who are between the ages of 18 and 24. 

One of the unique and most important char- acteristics of Youthbuild programs is that the young people in the program are expected and encouraged to assist in the governance, policy and decision making processes. What do you think the benefits and drawbacks of this policy might be? 

What challenges would you expect as a program manager working with “at risk” youth? Please describe barriers you might expect them to have. (As appropriate ask as follow-up, What similar experiences have you had?) 

How would you plan to address those barriers in the context of this program and in your position as program manager? 

In order to assist the young people in overcom- ing various social and employment barriers we find it necessary to refer them for services to other outside resources. What is your knowl- edge of local resources that would be avail- able and what contacts have you cultivated that would be beneficial to the program? (Follow-up, what would you do in a situation where some- one on your caseload needed an outside service for which you did not have a resource?) 

Please describe your experience working with multiple projects and competing deadlines. 

Resources for the program are limited. How would you work with staff to insure that the program members’ needs for education, life skills, construction training, etc. were met? 

What has been your greatest accomplishment in your experience as a manager? Your greatest challenge? How did you address it? What would you expect to be your greatest challenge in this position? How would you address it? 

Do you prefer to work independently or as part of a team? Describe experiences you have had in both situations. 

Tell us about your supervision experience and style? What comments would your last supervi- sor make about you? 

What time commitment could we expect if you were hired for this position? 

Please share with us specifically why you are interested in this position? When would you be available to start?
Do you have any questions or comments? 

Second interview 

For the benefit of those in this room who were not here during your first interview, please describe your experience, education, and background. Why does your experience make you qualified for this position?
Hypothetical; You’re trying to describe this position, Program Manager of YouthBuild program, to a friend. Give us your explanation of this posi- tion and your interest in this position. 

Hypothetical; It’s your first day before the members and you’re asked to introduce yourself to them. Please give us that introduction.
Please describe how you would plan and con- duct staff meetings. (Ask follow-up questions to determine their understanding of what business items should be on the agenda. 

There’s a lot of paper work involved with this program yet it is important that the program manager be very much involved in the super- vision of staff and the interaction with our Youthbuild members. How would you coor- dinate and balance this workload to make sure all of this is done? 

The program manager is the ultimate discipli- narian in our Youthbuild program. Staff will make recommendations for discipline but you would take the final action. How do you feel about this? How do you think this role of disci- plinarian will affect your relationship with the members? 

Discuss the program requirements: GED or H.S. diploma, community service projects, 95 percent attendance, placement in full-time job. Explain track record for the past two years, DOL, CDBG emphasis, etc. What questions would you have? What approach or strategy would you take to accomplish this? 

Role-play: Staff member who is extremely liked by the members but has tendency to gossip. You’ve scheduled meeting to discuss this issue.
Role-play: Explain stipend payment and schedule to interviewee. Give example of member who is angry over his stipend check. 

Role-play: Staff member who has a history of being “rough” on the members. Talking loudly and disrespectfully to them. A couple of participants have expressed concern about this. You have set up a meeting with him to discuss this situation. 

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